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December 1, 2012
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A few days ago I asked the people in the forums what their favorite deviation in their gallery was.
I got many responses from about 30 different artists, and decided to feature my favorites in a news feature!:la: Here they are!:D

Drawings and Paintings

Crescent by Silver-MoonNightWoman 3 by DPasschier
Woman by DPasschierChristmas Trap by Neko-Maya
Firefly by Toxic-Fox-GirlThe Summoner by PonderHope
Lucius Malfoy: Younger Years by CapricornicisWhat awaits in the mist by Capricornicis
October by Tobi-chan-LissesulEarly Snow by Tobi-chan-Lissesul
Sunset on the beach by Ronja-poniWaiting for my star by Ronja-poni
Esprit Vengeur cover colored by FG-ArcadiaDreams are being Caught by LilianSK
KIMONO: Mei by izka197.. :: SORCERESS :: .. by izka197
Art Trade- nheet by mochajellyCommission- oatmealtsui by mochajelly
Epic Water Fight by plangkyeHour Thief Colors by plangkye
Sweet Dreams by plangkyeForest bear by Ranay-L
Two Girls on DDR Machine CG 2 by MLBlueRapunzel by TiaVon
Hope by TiaVonexit here, please by ssoltan


Preflight Check Complete by a-kid-at-heartCappuccino Sunflower I by a-kid-at-heart
The fall of Gyertya'nos - II by DimensionSevenTight Squeeze by flowerhippie22
Colorful Drops 12 by flowerhippie22Fairytale Shoot-NORMAL by EricaD218
After the rain by Ronja-poniLittle happiness by Ronja-poni
Sunny day by Ronja-poniSpaceflowers by Ronja-poni
Half dreaming by LilianSKLight. by TiaVon
Photo glam by mihaimcm94


Emote Seasons by a-kid-at-heart:weirdness: by Toxic-Fox-Girl


World War 2 Timeline11 November 1918: End of WW1. Germany beaten.
1933: German elections won by the Nazi party. They are led by crazy Adolf Hitler. Winston Churchill of Britain tries to warn the Brits but no one listens.
1937: In Europe two teams are being formed: THE ALLIES of Britain France and Russia vs THE AXIS of Germany and Italy.
23 August 1939: Germany (Adolf Hitler) and Russia (Joseph Stalin) agree not to fight each other.
1 September 1939: Hitler's army invades Poland and shares it with Russia Britan and France will fight for Poland's liberty.
3 September: Britain and France declare war on Germany. Winston Churchill is mafe First Lord of the Admiralty.
9 April: Germany invades Denmark.
10 May: Britain makes Churchill it's Prime Minister.
June: Brits fighting in France fall back to the beaches at Dunkirk. Italy join Germany and declare war on the ALLIES.
14 June: Germany invades Paris. The French didn't want their city destroyed so they surrendered.
7 September: German planes bomb London while Br
Your touchI never thought I would feel your gentle touch again.
I hoped for it.
I despised the thought of it.

AloneAlone is what I am
Alone is how I do.
Alone is how I can.
Alone I make it trought.
Alone I deal with pain.
Alone I am true.
Alone I am still sane,
But alone I'm without you.



Hope you enjoyed the feature!:la: Please :+fav: this so these wonderful artists can get more exposure!:eager:

See deviants favorite works of their own!:eager:
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